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  • Olinda Golf Club first rounds at Cardinia Beaconhills
    Category : Competition
    Date Posted : 7th January 2017

    Olinda Golf Club commenced playing at the Cardinia-Beaconhills Golf Links on Tuesday 3rd And Saturday 7th January 2017. Both rounds were attended with good membership numbers even though it was Summer holidays and on Saturday a stinking hot day of 36 degrees celcius.

    Tuesdays round, played in lovely sunny conditions saw the introduction to our new members from the Emerald Golf Club (Peter Clowes, Peter Jones, Leigh Morison, Geoffrey Whittaker) and one of our associate members, Jill Sullivan, becoming a full member and introducing herself to the broader membership.

    The Tuesday competition also indicated that the course might suit some players more than others. Bruce Williams in particular seems think the course is to his liking, with his higher than normal handicap of 12, he would win overall honours with 40 points.

    Saturday's first round was an early affair due to scheduling constraints at CBH. However the 7:45am commencement time suited the members that played as the day became a stinker later on. It was also the first glimpse of the Hills back nine that the club will fleetingly play during our tenure at CBH. It was great to see another Emerald Golf Club face who joined the club (Broc Reynolds) playing for the first time.
    Somehow Bruce Williams won overall honours again with another 40 points, and the handicap now proceeds to plummet. Garry O'Brien managed to win the B grade with a meagre 31 points.

  • Alex and Dick's Retirement from Golf
    Category : Members
    Date Posted : 17th December 2016

    The Saturday 17th of December round finished with a special presentation to the clubs oldest statemen. Both men recieved cards, certificates and a bottle of good wine as part of the thanks from the rest of the membership.

    Alex at 89 retired earlier this year as the only remaining founding member of the current iteration of the OGC founded in 1968. At the time of his retirement based on when statistics commenced to be recorded (from 1975), Alex had played 2026+ games for the club. He is one of three players to have beaten his age off the stick and did quite a few times, as recently as 1/02/2015 - 84 off the back tips in winning a medal round. Though he did have a few Tuesday stableford rounds since then (5) where he possibly would of beaten his age again. Paired with Alistair Hopkins, Alex was part of a very successful outfit in team events.

    Dick retired also earlier in the year at the youthful age of 93, having played 1782 games for the club. Dick also beat his age off the stick.

    Both men are an inspiration as even in their late golfing years, they would always walk the course showing that there were part mountain goat (even Emerald can be considered a goat track). They are True Olinda golfers. They also played quite quickly most likely due to them always hitting the ball straight. Both were a part of four key elder members that managed to win a swag of the club's Saturday competition door prizes over the past five years, and to make the other players jealous by drinking their winnings at the end of the day. We would like to wish all the best to these two Olinda golf club legends in their life after golf.

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